Friday, August 31, 2007

Bush in Reno

George W Bush cannot find his way to his ranch in Crawford and he is expected to lead the world.
I only accuse the U.S. president of ignorance, the kind of overwhelming ignorance that allows the war party in the vice president’s office to pursue sick and impossible dreams of empire and American-Israeli hegemony over the Middle East.
President Bush addressed the American Legion in Reno, Nevada, last week and his speech reminded me of his talk to members of the Chamber of Commerce in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 10. Then he spoke selectively about extremism and terrorism without a single reference to their origins or America’s role in nurturing terrorists. Last week, the speech was a variation on a theme with the added mistake of threatening Iran. Even the venue was wrong; a man who escaped active military duty talking to people who risked their lives in the service of their country.
President Bush said, ”America is engaged in a great ideological struggle – fighting Islamic terrorism across the globe.” I say that the U.S. is more responsible than most for this terrorism, first by supporting extremist Islamic groups to confront the Soviet Union during the cold war, and second by supporting Israel against the Palestinians and all Arabs and Muslims to the point that this administration is partner in Israeli crimes.
He goes on to declare modestly “Once again, America finds itself a nation at war. Once again, we’re called to assume the mantle of global leadership.” May I ask who called you? Certainly, not the Arabs and Muslims. Equally certainly, not the Russians and Chinese. Even the Europeans are innocent of this call as they consider the U.S. a greater danger to world peace than Iran or North Korea.
The president is dreaming on behalf of the war party in Dick Cheney’s office and neoconservatives everywhere. He continues, “We toppled two regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq that gave harbour to terrorists.” This, of course, is a half truth. His administration fought half a war against Taliban and Al Qa’eda where a full war was just and necessary then fought an illegal and unnecessary war against Iraq, country which harbored no terrorists then. George W brought them in after the 2003 invasion.
The president then goes into detail, talking about Sunni terrorism and Shiite terrorism, once again not hinting once at his country’s pivotal role in spreading this terrorism.
“In the long term,” he declared, “we are advancing freedom and liberty as the alternative to the ideologies of hatred and repression.” Is he? In the long term we will all be dead. Meanwhile, a million Iraqis have died, directly or indirectly, in his illegal war and there is no liberty or freedom, no security and no hope for the future.
From lies and half truths, the president moved into threats. He accused the Iranian regime of helping the terrorists and insurgent against the coalition, read American, forces, and said, “I have authorized our military commanders in Iraq to confront Tehran’s murderous activities.” This is a declaration of war and I warn the president that he will lose this war as well. He will ignore my warning so I tell him: Put up or shut up, and we’ll all see the result.
W declares “Together, our coalition has achieved great things in Iraq.” They achieved a hell of death and destruction, with 2.5 million Iraqi refugees outside their country and 2.1 million inside. A civil war is raging and all Iraqis suffer from the absence of a minimum of potable water and electricity. I can go on forever.
President Bush claims that in January he laid a new strategy. I say he ignored the advice of the Baker-Hamilton report and accepted the warmongering report of Frederick Kagan from American Enterprise which pushed him towards war in the first place.
Poor W. He talks about the success of the surge in place like Baghdad and Anbar. He may even believe himself. There is no success. The terrorists and insurgents simply melted away after the arrival of additional American troops and they will return once the troops are withdrawn as they cannot stay there forever.
The president is so bankrupt that he quotes Senator Joe Lieberman, a warmongering Israeli apologist. I have always regarded him as an enemy of the Arabs and Muslims who encourages Israeli extremism at the expense of Arab and Jewish lives.
I was very worried after the president’s speech in Cleveland and I have more reason to bite my nails and pray after his Reno speech. God help us all.

Jihad Khazen


Blogger fatima said...


Amazing Post Bravo . excellent .
America created Al Qaeeda with Sadi money mostly , supported Jundallah (to cause trouble in Iran ) supported and armed the kurds (to cause trouble in syria and iran ) supported Mujaheedeen Khalq because they hate Iran , supported Fatah Al islam in lebanon (supposed to go against Hezbollah with hariri money)
America supports Dictartorships that strangle its people and ignores their basic rights, thats how extremism is created , some people lose their minds . Many who blew places in Morocco , had just come out of Moroccan prisons where they had a lot of torture at the hands of the notorious AL Makhzen . America and its CIA that thrives on Drug Money , cause chaos to justify Intereference and arms rebels , to benefit its Arms Economy , if the world was peaceful America will go banckrupt it wont be able to sell its arms .
America and Israel benefit and plunder the resources of many poor African Countries they are supposedly Helping , their mines , their resources , their coffee beans , flooding the markets with cheap US goods, while the african Farmer goes and hang himself . America also has supported most African dictators and got worried from True Nationalist heroe that put Africa first like Patrice Lumumba , instead America prefered Criminal Mobutu .. etc.... tec...

Dont forget to visit the Friendly Dictators website to find out more .

4:58 AM  
Blogger theriverhorus said...

Poor Fatima,

You spout the usual anti-US propaganda without ever raising your eyes to look at other facts. "America created Al Qaeeda with Saudi money." Ever heard of Sayyid Qutb or read the history of the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood? The US armed the Kurds to cause trouble? About time someone took an interest in these people who have long-suffered at the hands of their neighbors. "America and its CIA that thrives on Drug Money." Ever looked at the Taliban connection with opium traffic in Afghanistan or the link between Islamic terror groups and drug trafficing? Try this story in Asia Times for Oct 25, 2005:
"Follow the drugs: US shown the way"
By Ramtanu Maitra. "America will go banckrupt it wont be able to sell its arms." Ok - have you checked into the latest arms deals negotiated by the Soviet Union or China? Oh and about America plundering those poor African countries, try doing some research on China's latest efforts to exploit energy resources in various African countries with complete disregard and indifference either to the ecological consequences or sociological impacts on those countries populations. Cheap American goods! What a joke. Next time you shop for some cheap goods, I'd suggest you look at the Made in China label and hope the product isn't toothpaste laced with anti-freeze or a toy painted with toxic lead paint. As for US support for African dictators or any other dictators, their record is probably no better or worse than that of many other nations including the Soviet Union or China who likewise support questionable regimes and governments when they believe it is in their national interest to do so. But then the African governments themselves are at fault when they cannot quite bring themselves to do anything about the likes of a Robert Mugabe.

Over the years, U.S. leaders have been guilty of many stupid actions and blunders. But if you are going to criticize its policies, at least be honest enough to see its errors in the context of the world's collective guilt for failing to act humanely, decently, honestly towards humanity.

4:47 PM  
Blogger Ralph said...

You spout the usual anti-US propaganda without ever raising your eyes to look at other facts.






7:41 AM  

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