Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Thought of the Day

It is a mad mad mad world. A doctor who has taken an oath to help people goes out to kill himself and as many people as he can. I condemn terrorism but so does every sane person around the globe. A different thought:
A doctor suicide bomber moves terrorism a few rungs up the social ladder. He can attempt to kill himself and others and, if he fails, can treat himself and his victims in situ. I could have said in place or on the spot but the Latin phrase is more posh, as befits a suicidal doctor.


Blogger Sammy said...

Hello Mr. Khazen, i had been reading ur aricals for over 23 years infact u were the one who opened my eyes on our arab politics way becak in the early 80's. i finally had the chance to wright u, i would like to tell u i am a great beliver in ur writings and share the exact political view u have been my inspiration and still do, any way, i would like to say that we as muslims are not doing enough to compact terrorism, its time for deeds not words, we are waiting for tough actions by arab and muslim governments to act other wise we will follow palastine under new terror mandated, the terror ideology is spreading through very highly proffessional classes and we should really sound the alarm all over the muslim world, our reuputation is tarnished on daily basis and no matter what we do and say here as voices of ration every week we are proven wrong, i wanted to send u a link to a web site i frequently visit u can just see the amount of negativity directed at arab and muslims no matter what the efforts some people including my self do to explain the matters, it might me of an intrest to u
thanks for all the efforts u are doing for us and please take good care of ur self

Hussam M.B.

5:12 PM  

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