Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thought of the Day

I hope I can translate an idea in my head into something that the reader can understand. Here we go:
We need a universally accepted, U.N. sponsored, definition of terrorism. When freedom fighters trying to liberate their occupied land are labelled terrorists they are left with no choice but to fight to the bitter end. Let me explain this to my foreign readers in drinking terms that they might understand drawing on my experience as a northern Arab. A Christian invites his Muslim friend to a drink. If the Muslim accepts the invitation, he knows he is breaking an important tenet of his religion. Once he takes the first drink he goes all the way because the sin, in the eyes of his God, is the same . The Christian, on the other hand, takes one drink or two, knowing that he can drink again the next day without any feeling of guilt or expectation of punishment. The freedom fighter who knows he is going to be viewed and treated as a terrorist (sinner) goes all the way. If he had been treated as a freedom fighter he would fight and negotiate.

Commenting on Danwilson

Danwilson wants the Palestinians to guarantee the safety of their occupier. The occupation is the original crime. It destroys the occupier as much as the occupied. For all the so-called Palestinian terrorism, since Sept. 29, 2000, Israel has killed 821 under-age Palestinians against 118 Israeli minors killed by all the Palestinian groups. If numbers don't lie Israel is at least seven times more terrorist than all the Palestinian groups, including Hamas. Those who defend it are partners in crime.

Jihad Khazen

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thought of the Day

With a heavy heart I declare today the death of the Palestine cause. It died in Gaza. What Israel has failed to achieve in 60 years the Palestinians themselves have achieved for it in one weekend. I met Khaled Mashal of Hamas and mohammed Dahlan of Fateh last month and they both denied to me Egyptian and Jordanian intelligence reports that they were arming to fight each other. They lied to me and to their people. There is no use pointing fingers; all are to blame. The Palestinians today need a miracle of the magnitude of resurrecting the dead or making the blind see (the Palestinian leadership is definitely blind) but the age of miracles is long past. The cause will go down as the victim of patricide.