Friday, July 18, 2008

Thought of the Day

The Israeli version of the Samir Quntar affair is that he crushed the head of a four-year old girl. The Israeli version seems to be universally accepted but it is not Gospel. Quntar says the child was killed in a crossfire by the sea. I don't believe him and I don't defend him, but neither do I believe the version of the Israeli army; it has always killed children and lied. Just juxtapose institutional terrorism and the actions of a 16-year old and then point your accusing fingers. I am 100 per cent Arab and I have nothing but sympathy for the mother of the dead girls (in addition to Einat, two- year old Yael was accidentally suffocated by her mother Smadar who tried to stop the child crying and thus revealing their hideout inside the house).
I sympathize with all bereaved families not just Arab families. And I am still waiting for Israelis to come forth and admit the murderous ways of their own Defence Force. Between 29/9/2000 and the end of June, 2008, 951 underage Palelstinian children were killed against 123 Israeli children. Against every bereavement in an Israeli home there have been seven or eight in Palestinian homes.