Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Call to All and Every Arab

Jihad Khazen Al-Hayat - 26/07/06/

I hereby declare that I am withdrawing my recognition of Israel.
It is not a state. It is a criminal enterprise, more dangerous than any known mafia. A mafia family may bribe one judge. Israel has bought the whole (American) system, which has installed itself as judge to the world.
Israel is not the only democracy in the Middle East, as it is touted. It is institutionalized state terrorism. Figures don't lie and they tell us that Israel killed five times more Palestinian civilians than it lost since 29/09/2001. And in the latest outbreak of fighting with Hizbullah it has killed ten times more Lebanese civilians than it has lost, a Nazi ratio. There is terrorism on both sides, but the numbers show us that Israel is five times more terrorists than all the Palestinian and Lebanese groups put together. Any person who rejects the so-called "moral equivalency" is a neo-Nazi terrorist.
As a Lebanese, I did not have to recognize Israel. My country did not sign a peace treaty with Israel. But I have always regarded myself as an advocate of peace, and after 1993 I decided to be at the forefront of the peace march. I promised myself to see Jerusalem for the first time since the end of 1966.
My opposition to Israel was passive. I boycotted everything Israeli or connected with Israel. But peace was around the corner, or so I thought, and I gradually ended my boycott, without (knowingly) contacting Israeli individuals so as not to break Lebanese law. Having lived in London since 1975 I entered Marks and Spencer for the first time in my life in 1995.
But Israeli extremists killed the only prime minister who could deliver the peace, and he was succeeded by a professional loser, and eventually thugs and war criminals, and finally a new Fuhrer, or cappo di tutti cappi.
Israel has killed thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians, including whole families. We have seen the pictures. We have heard the cries of children. Terrorism is the killing of the non-combatant civilians. It is not kidnapping one soldier or two in military operations between armed men from two sides.
Today Israel has become a malignant cancer eating away at the body of the Middle East. I still consider myself a peacenik, and as such I will not call for the destruction of Israel or the harming of any Israelis. I am only calling for the isolation of Israel behind a wall it built it itself. It has never been part of our region and does not seem to want to belong.
I withdraw my recognition of Israel and ask all Arabs, especially Egyptians and Jordanians, to lead the way, as their governments have signed peace treaties with Israel.
Political parties in the two countries can open a debate about unrecognizing Israel. And citizens can write to their newspapers, or call T.V. stations to announce their position. Maybe Arab human rights groups can start petitions to withdraw popular recognitions of Israel.
I know that this would be easy for Islamic groups as they have never really recognized Israel, but I am hoping that the secular parties would be enthusiastic so that the rejection would reflect a national rather than, a religious attitude.
Today Gaza strip is a Nazi concentration camp or a Warsaw Ghetto. Palestinians there are murdered every day, and maybe two to three percent would survive the Israli onslaught in the end, just like the polish Jews.
In Lebanon, Hizbullah launched a cross-border military attack, without consulting the Lebanese government. The Israeli government itself does not accuse the Lebanese government of complicity and the U.S. administration supports it. Hizbullah represents only half faction; Amal represents the other half of the Shiites. Still, Israel attacked the whole of Lebanon, killing innocent civilians and destroying the country's infrastructure in a collective punishment unseen since the Nazis.
There are many reasons for Israel's criminality. I would name among these envy. Lebanon is more beautiful as a country. Its people are more popular world-wide and not only among Arabs. It is a publishing house as much as Israel is a factory of death. Its cedar trees are natural as much as Israel's green is artificial and chemical, manufactured like the whole country.
Israel is trying to kill Lebanon with its venom. But poison that does not kill makes the person stronger, and Lebanon will emerge from its ordeal much healthier and stronger.
I call on every Arab, but especially Egyptians and Jordanians, to withdraw their recognition of Israel as I do today.