Friday, January 12, 2007

Thought of the Day

Writing in FrontPageMagazine under the headline "Stop Calling them Settlers", P. David Hornik argues that the Israeli settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories live their legally and as such must not be called settlers. Okay, I won't call them settlers. I suggest that we call them thieves, burglars, terrorists, intruders, neo-nazis, supremacists, trespassers, convicts, illegal immigrants, thugs, etc. etc . Oh how I wish I had a thesaurus hold of the English language. Hornik, by the way is accessory to all the alternative names of the settlers.


Blogger echo said...

Merriam-Webster Online, which is has the thesaurus option. I ran the thesaurus option on "thief" just for fun, and note that you did a superb job on synonyms and related words in your entry. This was my first trip to your blog, but I've read and enjoyed many of your columns in Al Hayat over the years and found your recent column on Jimmy Carter's book to be spot on. He is the bravest of men.

5:03 PM  
Blogger Khazen said...

Thank you. I deserve your praise but then many deserving people go through life unappreciated.

8:06 AM  

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