Friday, December 15, 2006

Thought of the Day

Today, Dec. 15, the Washington Post offers the views of David Ignatius and Charles Krauthammer. The first is a decent and humane journalist with extensive knowledge of the Middle East. The second is an extremist Likudnik, or Kadimaphile, with the blood of children from Palestine to Lebanon to Iraq on his hands. The first tries to bring peace to the Middle East and the second tries to cover up the failure in Iraq and thwart efforts for peace between Arabs and Jews. I respect Ignatius and despise Krauthammer; he is not worthy of hate.


Blogger James R said...

Couldn't agrre with you more about the truly hideous buffoon Krauthammer. It's generally a waste of time and energy hating anyone. Charlie is the exception that proves the rule for me.
These neocons seem psychotically deluded as their imperial dreams turn to mush at a great cost to the Iraqi people and they blame the limp U.S media because it could only pretend Iraq wasn't a disaster for a year or two after it became obvious. Keep up the good work pal.

7:24 PM  

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