Friday, November 25, 2005

Princes of Darkness / 1

Jihad Khazen Al-Hayat 19/11/05/

Over the course of three days I intend to educate and entertain the reader by destroying the reputation of Laurent Murawiec as a researcher and alleged expert on Saudi Arabia. I will use the same method I employed against Gerald Posner in the summer, simply detailing the mistakes in information, large, small and stupid to argue that any analysis based on such ignorance can only be misinformed and misleading. Posner wrote "Why America Slept" in 2003 and I thought then that there could not be a worse example of ignorance. But he outdid himself this year by coming out with the book "Secrets of the Kingdom." I wrote three columns about his second book in June and I am going to write three columns, starting today about Murawiec's "Princes of Darkness" hoping to consign him to the dustbin of academia and serious scholarship.It takes effort to be more ignorant of Saudi Arabia than Posner, but Murawiec beats him hands down with mistakes, half truths and out of context statements. The book is an outgrowth of a briefing by Murawiec on June 10, 2002, to the Pentagon's Defence Policy Board under the title "Taking Saudi Out of Arabia" which is self-explanatory.First things first. There is a refrain every time I write about Saudi Arabia. I do not defend the government or people. I do not say that Saudi Arabia is democratic. I do not claim that women have full rights or that the rule of law is paramount. There are many drawbacks and I support basic freedoms for all Saudi citizens, the right of assembly and expression, and every other right. When I write about Saudi Arabia my intention is solely to uncover the bias, prejudice and enmity of the other side. It is usually a position against all Arabs and Muslims and not just the Saudis, Syrians, Palestinians or any particular Arab people. I hold such enemies in the U.S. administration and in the right wing think tanks and the media around it responsible for the death of over a hundred thousand Iraqis and two thousand Americans so far.Laurent Murawiec expanded his lecture into a book "Princes of Darkness: The Saudi Assault on the West." The title is as phoney as the author. Prince of Darkness is the other name of Richard Pearle, then head of the Defence Policy Board, and Murawiec's benefactor. The assault is by the neocons against Saudi Arabia and all Arabs and Muslims to control our oil and leave Israel as the dominant power in the Middle East.It is only to be expected after such a title that the author ends his book by quoting none other than Fuad Ajami, the neocon Uncle Tom. In between a reader would find a comedy of errors of Shakespearean proportions.He starts his Introduction by quoting from his Defence Policy Board briefing, i.e. quoting himself. He claims that "the Saudi are active at every level of the terror chain, from planners to financiers, from cadres to foot soldiers, from ideologist to cheerleader." I will not defend Saudi Arabia but will say that Murawiec is using a time (dis)honoured method the neocons by blaming the "other" to divert attention from the crimes of a criminal Nazi-like Israeli government that practices terror every day and kills schoolchildren.Mistakes begin with the first paragraph as the author refers to taking Saudi out of Arabia. Arabia is not Saudi Arabia but what is known as the Arabian Peninsula. We also call it the Arabs island, because the sand in the north represents another sea. Arabia as referred to in the book includes six countries other than Saudi Arabia and mean spirited as he is Murawiec is not asking to take "Saudi" out of countries they are not in.I must hurry a little bit as I am still discussing the title and first paragraph of the Introduction. Murawiec says that a few days after the briefing The Washington Post printed a story about it and a "thunderbolt struck." He is bemused for becoming a target of public condemnation: A foreign resident; a French-Jewish-Polish strategist; an unrepentant extremist; an ignorant pontificator; an obscure figure; Dr. Strangelove.Of course, all the above and more is true. He is an immigrant from Poland to France then the U.S. where he was adopted by like minded extremists. As to the ignorance in every page, and we are still in the Introduction, on page XV he refers to Prince Saud Al Feisal as the "former" Saudi Foreign Minister, and on page XVII he refers to Prince Khaled Ben Sultan as the owner of Asharq Al Awsat.This is the man who presents himself as a knowledgeable expert on Saudi Arabia. I will state my case very simply: arguments that are based on the wrong information can only be wrong and recommendations made are not just useless but harmful, if they are taken seriously. Murawiec, Perle and others like them want to drive a wedge between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. Based on what they know they can only be wrong and must be exposed as apologists for the Israeli Nazi-like government.
I went to the Index at the end of the book to see if Murawiec restores Prince Saud as Foreign Minister. I found a reference to Al-Saud, family, starting on pages 11-14. I did not find the foreign minister but instead found on page 13 this strange phrase written in Arabic characters Al shaykuh abkhas. What does it mean? He translates it as "the royal family knows (better)." I suppose he means Al Shuyukh Akhbar, or the sheikhs know better, which applies to sheikhs, not princes. Prince Saud is finally restored as foreign minister on page 104, but true to form Murawiec then describes Prince Saud as a brother of Prince Nayef instead of a nephew.The Index guided me to a page where Prince Khaled Ben Sultan is restored as owner of Al-Hayat daily, but then on Page 123 Prince Khaled is reported as having contributed to an organisation having Aramco roots, Americans for Understanding in the Middle East, in 1969. Prince Khaled then had just left his teens behind, a lieutenant on a training mission in El Paso, Texas, and his finances were worse than mine today.The index led me to page 232 where Murawiec says that Prince (now King) Abdullah has no half-brothers, then continues to say on the same page that he is unlike his half-brothers.At times the mistakes are funny but the book is no laughing matter. The author is taken seriously and not as the intellectual charlatan that he is with the result that the Arabs and Muslims everywhere pay the price along with real Americans, not Likudniks, imported from Israel and Poland via France.


Blogger TennisTitan said...

I read some of your drivel... with minds like yours it is no wonder that most of Islam remains in the 7th century... it is sad that an educated Muslim can come to the misguided conclusions you have of American motives

6:19 AM  
Blogger GusGus1 said...

Do any of the mistakes that you found in the book, have anything to do with the main point of it? Does it change the fact the Saudi children are indoctrinated from their first cognizant moment to hate Jews, Christians, and even other Muslims that do not have the exact same beliefs as their "teachers"? There may be some mistakes in the book, but thank goodness you didn't edit it. I'd hate to see his book turned into an unsubstantiated, meandering, disjointed rant like your "review".

1:29 PM  
Blogger GusGus1 said...

Do any of the mistakes that you found in the book, have anything to do with the main point of it? Does it change the fact that Saudi children are indoctrinated from their very first cognizant moment to hate Jews, Christians, and even other Muslims, that do not have the exact same beliefs as their "teachers"? There may be some mistakes in the book, but thank goodness you didn't edit it. I'd hate to see his book turned into an unsubstantiated, meandering, disjointed rant like your "review".

1:30 PM  
Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Tennistitant, Jihad Khazen is most probably a Maronite Christian, though he's not representative of this great community.

And he's on the Saudis' payroll so what do you expect?

2:39 PM  
Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

"I will not defend Saudi Arabia but will say that Murawiec is using a time (dis)honoured method the neocons by blaming the "other" to divert attention from the crimes of a criminal Nazi-like Israeli government that practices terror every day and kills schoolchildren."

I wonder who's using that diversion technique here.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

"Prince Khaled then had just left his teens behind, a lieutenant on a training mission in El Paso, Texas, and his finances were worse than mine today."

Oh, I am certain of that. As I said, you're on the Saudi's payroll.

2:41 PM  
Blogger Sue Bob said...

"Over the course of three days I intend to educate and entertain the reader by destroying the reputation of Laurent Murawiec as a researcher and alleged expert on Saudi Arabia."

Destroy the reputation of someone who disagrees with you, huh? How honorable. What a valuable contribution to the marketplace of ideas.

What primitive fascist hell hole did you ooze your way out of?

8:09 AM  
Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Jihad el Khazen, a Saudi-owned journalist* and a guy who used to call Ghazi Kanaan 'my friend' has written the most amusing report on the Arab blogosphere. He claims that the Religious Policeman (an outstanding Saudi blog) is not Saudi. Well nothing is impossible on the blogosphere. Even my own readers can't discount the possibility that I may be a perverted Hezbollah militant who likes to cross-dress as a freedom lover. But you would need a proof to put forward such a silly allegation. Of course, Jihad el Khazen has proofs:

“Perhaps the case of the Religious Policeman, who claims is a Saudi, is a good example of the misuse of blogging. He claims to be a Saudi of Riyadhi origins and who’s studied in the U.S and Britain, and thus writes in English. However, those skeptical [of his identity] have pointed out that the language he uses is rather advanced, [to the extent that] it is as though it were his mother tongue.
You see the guy speaks a foreign language, so he can't be a Saudi. I guess that guys like Kais, Anton Efendi or the Lebanese bloggers can't be Lebanese either, because they write in English as well. And did you know that Khazen's own blog is in english?

But that's not all. Jihad el Khazen has further evidence:

He abruptly disappeared in August of 2004, only to be welcomed a year later by blogs run by extreme American rightists and neo-cons. And finally, the site ” Little Green Foot balls” (a rightist blog, in favor of Israel) has reported that this Religious Policeman, who claims to go by the name Al-Hamedi Al-Anezi, has published comments in the site under the name of “Saul Rosenbloom” which is clearly a Jewish name.”
So the guy is a jew. That explains everything. Case closed.

By the way, Jihad el Khazen is writing a series of article on the Arab blogosphere, but the boring style of his blog which is a mix betwen the Soviet Pravda and the Saudi Arabia News agency indicates that the guy knows nothing about the blogosphere. He thinks that it's similar to the online version of a newspaper.

*Yes Victorino de la Vega is right. The House of Saud collects horses, camels AND journalists. Meanwhile, the House of Assad is collecting Lebanese prime ministers, UN resolutions and mass graves.

10:51 AM  
Blogger Polissilop said...

Welcome to Davos Mr. Hayatt!

What do you think about the lovely website i just found:

7:05 AM  
Blogger Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

« It is usually a position against all Arabs and Muslims and not just the Saudis, Syrians, Palestinians or any particular Arab people…I hold such enemies in the U.S. administration and in the right wing think tanks and the media around it responsible for the death of over a hundred thousand Iraqis and two thousand Americans so far »

Yeah sure dude…

And what about Saudi Arabia’s lending its airfields to the US Air Force so they could better bomb Baghdad?

This at a time when “Altaic” Turkey (a member of NATO) and “Aryan” Iran (Iraq’s archrival) refused categorically to open their airspace to US bombers…

Undoubtedly a sign of the kingdom’s genuine “Arabness”…

5:19 AM  
Blogger bill said...

People will sell out this country for israel

9:43 PM  
Blogger bill said...

Anyone who has dual citizenship should not be any part of our government or "think tanks" because they will not consider USA first. They always have their countries first. It has been very evident with the neocons coming out front. It seems that after bushie has fallen below 30% The Black Prince and his slimy ilk has come out against bushie. ,
It wasn't Iraq, We meant Iran Oh no, we meant Saudie, but only after Syria. But we have to get rid of the UN first. We can use him}.as they are anti- evil israel {Hey Bolton is the best friend of Israel,
It seems that all of these "USA last bunch" have the same boards or connected like an octopus. Where do their loyalties lie

10:09 PM  
Blogger Khazen said...

I am paid a salary by Al Hayat in London and pay the British Inlad Revenue the top tax rate of 40 per cent. I once challenged Iraqi collaborators with the American invasion to produce a proof that I have ever received any money apart from a salary. They didn't. They couldn't. My thesis on Murawiec remains the same: You cannot make a right conclusion when it is based on a thousand factual errors. This is fact and so is another fact: Defending ignorance, stupidity and extremism shows that the defender is also ignorant, stupid and extremist

7:28 AM  
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